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The common misconception of website owners, especially new ones is that they have to focus all their resources to SEO or search engine optimization. They invest all their time and effort in creating content with their keywords that they take other web success factors for granted. One of these factors that are often taken for granted is link building.

The truth is that backlinks increase the chances of your website to rank high in search results by almost 100%. Therefore, it is a necessity to pay attention to these links.

Building Connections

Building Connections
Some people still can’t grasp the concept, much more the importance, of building connections with other websites. There are two kinds of connection that every website administrators should understand and build – internal links and external links. Internal links are connections among your web pages. On the other hand, external links are connections between one website’s pages to another website’s pages.

Build Success

Link Building is an integral part of your website’s success. It is definitely worth your time and effort as it will help your website earn its rightful place in the World Wide Web.

•Pretty Popular. Having links in numerous other websites means you are virtually everywhere. When other websites lead internet users to your direction, it means you are popular. In the World Wide Web, popularity can bring you success. It means that other website owners trust you as well as your content. It is a recommendation telling their readers that your website is a great source of information, entertainment, and high quality products or services. Aside from the readers, that is how search engine crawlers also think especially when your backlinks come from highly-ranked relevant websites.

•Create Credibility. When you get multiple backlinks, it means that you are trusted. This will help you climb up the ladder of respect and may even lead to being known as an authority in your chosen niche. More than popularity, your fame will have substance. It means that there is a good reason why your website is popular. It’s because you give high quality information that are useful to many people as well as your fellow website administrators. To achieve such status, it is important to update your website or blog regularly. When you update, make sure that is a high quality content. Getting first time readers is one thing but keeping them interested is another.

Terrific Traffic•Terrific Traffic. Of course, these links, especially from respectable websites bring you traffic. Traffic is always great. The more popular the source of the link is, the more traffic you are likely to get. Naturally, more traffic means more possibilities of conversion. Aside from getting sites indexed, conversion is the ultimate goal of both SEO and link building.

•Easy Peasy. You may find it hard to create backlinks at the beginning but it actually depends upon the content of your website or blog and the consistency of your posts both in quality and frequency. Once you have caught the attention of other website administrators and internet users, you will feel that getting backlinks will begin to get easier. This is because page rank matters to most website administrators. They consider your page rank before they link back to you.

Another common mistake of website owners and administrators is thinking that ranking high on search results is as easy as quickly getting many backlinks. Well, if you manage to do that, search engines will detect that you are on a manipulation scheme and it will cause loss of integrity of your website or blog. The best thing to do is to do it right – focus on creating high-quality posts and the rest will follow.