Choosing Golf Bags

Golf Bags When you’re already hoarding up your clubs and you’re getting more options on which ones you would bring into a game, then you will have to start considering golf bags. You can opt for some good old second-hand one or you can purchase a completely new one to match your club set. It would all depend on the considerations that you put in when you’re making your choice.

If you’ve had one before and you are looking only for a replacement, you probably know what you wanted and the improvements you needed. But if you’re a beginner just starting to build up your set, here are some of the common factors to be considered when making your first bag purchase:


There are many materials you can choose from when looking through the variety of bags available now. There are the old-school canvass and polyester ones. There are waterproof fabric-covered bags that are great for all-weather play. But recently, alloy or metallic bags are becoming numerous due to their sleek design. They also come in many different colors and design rendition. Don’t get carried away with choosing the design of your golf bags. Always consider the actual function that you’re going to need them for.


You have to consider where and how you can carry the bag. There are those that have wheels and stands attached to prop the bag up when you’re “parking” them anywhere on the course. Some have different kinds of straps to enable you or your caddie to carry the bag comfortably.


You need a bag that can carry your club set. There are large ones for a complete set. But the designs also affect the size, as there are those that look bulky despite having a lower capacity and those that appear smaller despite the amount of storage they offer. Also, whether or not it has wheels or straps for carrying will depend on the size. You do not want to haul them if the style you chose is tad too big for strapping to your back.


Golf bags range from being able to fit in your entire 14-15-club set to just protecting one single club. Choose one that can comfortably fit your current club set. Buying a bigger one in anticipation of further upgrades and additions to your set is also a consideration.

•Extra Pockets

Water bottles, towels, golf balls, umbrellas, and others. There are a host of other objects you needed on the field and whether or not you’re going to get a bag with extra pockets for them is your choice.


Will be a consideration if you’re matching styles for something and will also be important if you have very specific design requirements for your would-be bag. The over-all design and style of the golf bag is what catches golfers’ eyes at first glance. Impression is nice, but be mindful about maintaining the proper level of utility.


Always consider your allotted budget for buying your bag. The variety in the choice may tempt you to go far beyond your means, so try to stay within your purchasing budget.

You can find many of these, even those that are good choices for a reasonable range of price in most sport depots. But recently, where everything can be purchased online, golf bags can now be bought in many online golf equipment stores. It is actually quite convenient as you will have access to a wider variety of choices. You’re just going to have to be careful in making sure that the quality of your purchase is at par with the clubs you’re going to put in it. But for the ease of bringing and protecting your club set, having a bag dedicated for them is the best option.